Welcome Scott R Johnson

Scott R Johnson was raised in Findley Lake, NY where he resided until 2015.  He currently lives in Clymer, NY with his wife, Mandi and their two children, Isaac and Ruby.  He attended Clymer Central … [Read more...]

Ashville Star Staked

We donated our time for the Ashville Star stake project and others like this multiple times. A very nice memorial to our Veterans. These photos are of a job site at Fardink Road and North Maple … [Read more...]

Cattaraugus County Boundary Survey

   A Cattaraugus County Boundary Survey, the photos were taken July 14, 2016 while performing a boundary survey in Randolph, NY, in these photos is shown my new Spectra Precision Focus 35 Robotic … [Read more...]

Buffalo Topographic Survey

A Buffalo topographic land survey was requested by Buffalo State College in June 2016 near Bishop Hall, Buffalo, NY   … [Read more...]

GPS System Stakes Solar Panel Array

Daniel L Barry Land Surveyor firm stakes solar panel array with a GNSS (GPS) system near Painted Post, NY On the right is the radio, in the center is the base station, and on the left is the rover … [Read more...]

Town of Charlotte Boundary Survey

Some photos of a new solar farm site that we staked out on the Luce Road, Town of Charlotte, Chautauqua County, NY, between Sinclairville, NY & Cassadaga, NY We did a boundary survey for this … [Read more...]

Boundary Survey Town of Hanover

A boundary & location survey of 12 acres on the King Road, Town of Hanover, Chautauqua County, NY, a little bit north of the Village of Forestville. What is shown is our GNSS base station. The … [Read more...]

Turtle Point PA Mile Marker

This is a mile marker # 92 for the Western NY & PA Railroad, for whom we did a survey for land acquisition at Turtle Point, Town of Annin, McKean County, Pa, north of Port Allegany, Pa, and a … [Read more...]

Solar Panel Farm Survey

This is a project for a new solar panel farm, Luce Road, Town of Charlotte, at the Town of Stockton line, on Route 60, Chautauqua County, NY This project is north of Sinclairville, NY and south of … [Read more...]

Town of Clymer Survey

Dan with an ATV with tracks, January 2016, finishing a 120 acre Town of Clymer Survey, Chautauqua County, NY, west of Panama, NY, East of Clymer, NY, north of Bear Lake, Pa. after blazing, painting … [Read more...]